How to Read 1500 Military Time?

Do you often confuse while talking with a military or army man when he gives you the time like 1500 military time? If yes then you may stop him for a few seconds and try to convert timings to our regular time.

You may hear this type of timings in the conversation between two military persons in Hollywood movies. But for a common layman, this time format is difficult to decode and predict.1500 Military Time

What Time is 1500 Military Time?

We all know military use different time format than us which is based on the 24-hour clock format. In this time format midnight starts from 0000 hours and ends with 2400 hours. If you have 1500 in military time then it is 3 PM in regular time. So, the military time is different from the regular time, but using some simple mathematical calculations one can easily convert it to standard time.

As we discussed above using a Military time converter and some mathematical methods, you can convert 24 hours clock time to standard time vice versa. The main difference between army time and 12-hour time is that in standard time, time starts from 1 to 12 while the military time starts from 0 to 23.

What is 1500 in Military Time?

You can pronounce minutes and seconds in military time the same as the regular time. So, while converting 24 hour time to 12 hour time, minutes and second is remaining the same. The main difference is that you need not remember AM and PM prefix while writing or mention your time because the military time uses a special 4 digits time format famous as 24 hours.

For example, if you want to read 1500 hours military time? Then you can read it simply as Fifteen Hundred or One Five Zero Zero. But if you want to perform 1500 military time conversion to standard time then use the below-given table by which you can easily convert it to regular time vice versa.

1500 to 2300 Military Time Chart

12 Hour Clock Format (AM/PM) Zulu Time
3:00 PM 1500
4:00 PM 1600
5:00 PM 1700
6:00 PM 1800
7:00 PM 1900
8:00 PM 2000
9:00 PM 2100
10:00 PM 2200
11:00 PM 2300

On the above table, you can easily know the military time and regular time without any calculations. So, based on the above time chart you know 1500 hours in Military Time = 3:00 PM in standard time. When you covert 24-hour time to standard time you do not need to remember PM and AM prefix. But contrary when converting Zulu time to regular time then you have to remember AM and PM.

Convert 1500 Military Time to 12-Hour Time

Anyone can easily convert 24 hour time to 12 hour time, but while converting both the time vice versa you have to remember basic rules of Military Time Conversion.

Military Time > 1200 hours -> PM

Military Time < 1200 hours -> AM

When given military time is greater than 1200 hours then you need to use XX: XX format of regular time and subtract the given time from 1200.

For Example:

  • If your given time is 1545, then first you think about whether it is greater than 1200 or not.
  • In our case, it is greater than 1200. So, do subtraction 1545-1200=345.
  • At last add PM at the end and colon between minutes and hours which result a 3:45 PM.

If want to see more conversion then check out our article Military Time Conversion.

What’s 3 PM in Military Time?

We know that there is no use of AM and PM in military time. If you are looking for what is 3 pm military time? Or what is 3 45 pm military time? Then your question is incorrect. So, instead of this, you should ask what is 3 o’clock pm in military time? Or what is military time for 0300 PM? Don’t worry if someone does not know about army time then it may be possible to make this kind of mistake.

Just like 24 hour time to regular time, you can easily convert standard time to military time. If your standard time is in PM and then add 12 to a given time and remove colon and PM.

For Example:

  • If someone asks what is 3 45 pm in military time? Then you perform below operation.
  • Our given time is in PM then simply add 12 to it.
  • 3:45 + 12 = 15:45 PM
  • Now remove colon and PM.
  • So, our Zulu time for 3:45 pm 1545 hours.3 PM in Military Time

Writing and Speaking Military Time

Writing 24-hours Clock Time

Unlike regular 12-hour time format, we do not use a colon between hours & minutes and AM and PM in military time.

How to Read 3:00 PM in Military Time?

While pronouncing the military time, always use a hundred instead of thousand. For example, 1000 would be spoken as Ten Hundred not One Thousand. In this time zero would be pronounced as zero or oh which you notice in the many movies and it is a part of military communication rules.

3:00 PM 1500 Fifteen Hundred Hours
3:15 PM 1515 Fifteen Fifteen Hours
3:30 PM 1530 Fifteen Thirty Hours
3:45 PM 1545 Fifteen Forty-Five Hours

Why do We Use ZULU Time?

You have seen this jargon in movies where combat pilots or army officers say the military time and add Zulu or Z at the end as in “The mission will start at 1500 Zulu.”

This type of jargon used by the military person because they avoid crime in their mission and need common time zone reference, so they know they are talking about the same thing. Many other time zones available in the military but Zulu time is the most common of them. 


1) How to convert 3 PM to military time?

Our standard time is in PM. Therefore, Add 12 to then given time which results in 15. So, the military time for 3 pm is 1500 hours.

2) How do you convert 3:25 PM in military time?

Simply do addition of 3:25 PM +12 = 15:25 PM. Now remove the colon. So your military time for 3:25 PM is 1525.

3) What is 3:30 PM in military time?

To convert 3:30 pm military time, add 12 to the given time. 3:30 PM + 12= 15:30 PM. Finally, remove colon and PM from the result that results in 1530 hours.

4) What is standard time for 1545 military time?

Standard time for 1545 hour is 3:45 PM (1545-1200= 0345). 

I hope 1500 Military Time conversion is easy for you, but you need to understand the AM and PM concept clearly. By reading this post, you know, when military time is greater than 1200 then it will be in PM otherwise it is in AM. 

If you are still confused then you can refer our Army Time article where you find time conversion table with proper pronunciation. Or else you can use our Military Time Converter for converting your regular time to 24 hour clock time. 

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