1600 Military Time-Convert 4 PM in Zulu Time Using Time Chart

Trying to convert 1600 military time to standard time for a long time and still, you don’t get your regular time. If yes then we are here for you to helping to solve this problem. You may hear this kind of jargon when two military or army men taking about their daily schedule. You may also hear this type of word while watching Hollywood movies when two men talk about their secret mission.

While listening to it first you may think what 1600 in military time is. But after knowing the technique of decode the time, you know 1600 hours= 4 PM in regular time.

To decode this 24 hour time and know your 12-hour time, you need to know the methods for conversion and military time. So, let’s have a look at the entire blog to convert 1600 military hours to 12 hours’ time.

What is 1600 Military Time?

As the name suggests, military time is generally used in the army and military to avoid confusion while informing schedule detail to others. When this time used properly then it will eliminate the confusion in AM and PM. Some of us are always confused and used PM instead of AM and AM instead of PM. This kind of mistake is caused a lot while writing any business document, letter, or planning an important meeting.

Military time generally refers and followed by military and emergency services like hospitals, firefighting, paramedics, and law enforcement. Now almost every field uses this timing system to improve their productivity and profit. Some very countries use the combination of both 12-hour and 24-hour clock time.1600 military time

To avoid this kind of confusion in timings, the military time concept came into the world. Military time is also known as 24-hour clock time because in this timings starts from 0 and ends at 23 unlike regular timings 0 to 12.

Not to this only, but there is a vast difference between military time and standard time. 24-hour clock timings use 4 digits start with 0000 and ends at 2400. Unlike standard time you cannot use PM and AM and colon with time. So, 1600 military time is followed the same format and it represents 4 PM in normal time when it converts standard time. By reading this, you may want to know how to convert 1600 hours in military time to standard time. 

To convert any Zulu time to standard time vice versa, you need to know the basic and simple calculations. You can also refer to the military time chart to convert 24-hour time to 12-hour time without any calculation. So, if you want to know what does 1600 means in military time, then let’s have a look below methods.

Convert 1600 Military Time to Standard Time

To convert 1600 hours military time to 12-hour time, you should keep in mind two basic rules.

  • When given military time greater than 1200 hours then your standard time is in PM.
  • When given Zulu time less than 1200 hours then your regular time is in AM.

Before starting your conversion, you should remember both of the rules to easily convert any military time to standard time. According to the first rule when your military time is greater than 1200 then first, you have to subtract 1200 from a given time. After then add a colon between hours and minutes with PM at the end of the time. So, your regular time format for any military time is XX: XX.

Let’s have to understand this by taking one simple example.

For Example, if you want to perform 1600 military time conversion, then follow the below steps.

  • First, check given time is greater than 1200 hours or not.
  • In our case, it is greater than 1200.
  • So, do 1600-1200= 0400 hours
  • Add 0400+:= 04:00
  • Now add 04:00+ PM = 4:00 PM
  • Finally, 1600 military time is equal to 4:00 PM in standard time

But in case if your military time is less than 1200 hours, you need not perform the above steps. In that case, just add a colon and AM in the given time. Let’s understand it by taking one example.

Example: Suppose you have 0400 military times and you want to convert it to standard time then you should follow the below steps.

  • Our given time is less than 1200.
  • So, simply add 0400+:= 04:00
  • Now do 4:00 + AM= 4:00 AM.
  • So, 400 hours in army time is 4:00 AM in regular time.

Convert 1600 in Military Time to 12 Hour Time Using Military Time Chart

If you do not perform mathematical calculations then here we give you a time chart using which one can easily get the regular time for military time and military time for standard time.

12-Hour Time Military Time 24-Hour Time
4:00 PM 1600 hours 16:00
5:00 PM 1700 hours 17:00
6:00 PM 1800 hours 18:00
7:00 PM 1900 hours 19:00
8:00 PM 2000 hours 20:00
9:00 PM 2100 hours 21:00
10:00 PM 2200 hours 22:00
11:00 PM 2300 hours 23:00

After going through this table, you can easily convert both the time vice-versa. You can also use our military time converter tool to convert time easily without any efforts. In this, you just simply insert time into a given box click on the convert button. By doing this, you can get your time.

What is 4 PM Military Time?

On the basis of the above details, you came to know that military time does not use AM and PM words to differentiate day, noon, evening and night, unlike standard time. So, asking this question is totally wrong. Instead, asking this question, you may ask, what’s 4 pm in military time? This kind of mistake is possible when you do not know about military time. 

But to convert standard time to military time is super easy for anyone. Just like convert 24 hour time to 12 hour time, one can easily do this reverse conversion without doing so many calculations. In this conversion, you have to remember two rules.4 PM military time

  • If Standard time is in AM then remove colon, AM and simply add hours after time.
  • If Standard time is in PM then add 12 to the given number. After that remove PM, colon and add hours after the time.

After reading both the above rules, let us understand both rules by simple examples.

Example: 1) Convert 4:00 AM standard time to military time.

To convert 4:00 AM to military time, simply remove the colon and AM. After that, add hours at the end of the result time. So, you got 0400 hours for 4:00 AM regular time.

2) What is 4:30 PM in military time?

To convert 4:30 PM in army time, let’s follow some simple steps.

  • Check given time is in PM or not.
  • In our example, it is in PM.
  • So, add 12 to given time.
  • 4:30 PM+ 12= 16:30 PM
  • Remove colon.
  • 16:30 PM – : = 1630 PM
  • Now do 1630 PM – PM= 1630
  • So, our 4:30 PM military time is equal 1630 hours.

After doing this stepwise, you may find this very easy. But sometime you may confuse when you hear 1600U during the conversion with a military guy. As per the country-wise, there are different codes that are used for their secret mission at the time of war. These alphabets are well known as Military Phonetics Alphabets that refer to one country or city. 

Alphabets Military Phonetic Alphabet City or Country Standard Time Format 24 Hour Military Time Time
S Sierra Dallas, TX United States 06:00 PM 1800S GMT-6 Hours
T Tango Denver, CO US 05:00 PM 1700T GMT-7 Hours
U Uniform Los Angeles, CA the US 04:00 PM 1600U GMT-8 Hours
V Victor Juneau, AK US 03:00 PM 1500V GMT-9 Hours
W Whiskey Honolulu, HI US 02:00 PM 1400W GMT-10 Hours
X X-Ray Nome, AK US 01:00 PM 1300X GMT-11 Hours

In 1600U time, U stands for Uniform and it refers to Los Angeles, CA the US. As we discussed this type of jargon used at the time of war by the military guys or soldiers. For normal laymen, it is difficult to predict this code and predict the time with code. But after having this table one can easily predict the time without doing any efforts.

Read 4 PM Military Time

After converting both the time vice-versa, you have a question that how to read or pronounce this time. Like you read standard time, you can read this time easily. If you want to 4 PM in military time then first you have to convert it to military time. So, 1600 hours is military time for 4 PM and read it as Sixteen Hundred. This may be sound as if you are talking about money. But in Zulu time at the end of time, you add hours for differentiate time.

In 24 hour time, 0 will be pronounced as an OH or zero. For example, 0400 hours can be read as Zero Four Hundred or Oh Four Oh Oh. Using the below table, you can easily read 4 PM to Military Time without having trouble.

Regular Time Zulu Time Pronunciation
4:00 PM 1600 hours Sixteen Hundred Hours
4:15 PM 1615 hours Sixteen Fifteen Hours
4:30 PM 1630 hours Sixteen Thirty Hours
4:45 PM 1645 hours Sixteen Forty-Five Hours

Many wristwatch companies use and follow the 24-hour time format. But the pronunciation for both time is totally different. But reading any military time is very easy, you just simply pronounce as if you talk about money but at the end of this you must add hours. So, if you want to read 4:30 pm military time= 1630 hour in army time, then it can be read as Sixteen Thirty Hours.

I hope you will find the 1600 Military Time article useful. By reading this, you can easily convert any military time to standard time. So, if you want to convert 1700 Military Time or 7 PM in Military Time then you can do it easily without any trouble. Not for the Army and Military personnel, this time format is also useful for us to improve performance at work and at home. So, try to make a habit of using military time in your daily life for flawless synchronization. 

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