What is 1700 Hours Military Time?

When you first time meet or listen to someone in the military and give you the 1700 hours, then you may have to stop him for a few seconds and try to solve this jargon. You may hear this kind of time conversation between two military persons in Hollywood movies but it is difficult for a common layman to decode this time format.

Do you know the military works over different time systems? Military use 24-hour Clock that starts from midnight referred to as 000 hours, 11:00 PM is 2300 hours, 11:00 AM is 1100 hours, 5.00 PM is 1700 Military Time, and many more.

1700 Military Time

Alternatively, you can use the Military Time Converter by which you can easily convert any 12-hours standard time in 24 hour time. The major difference between regular time and 24 hour time is that standard time range from 1 to 12 while military time ranges from 0 to 23. When you use the military system then midnight is 00, 1:00 AM is 01, 1:00 PM is 13, and so on.

What is 1700 Military Time?

In both regular time and military time, minutes and seconds express in the same way. At the time of converting from army time to regular time vice versa, the minutes and seconds remain the same. In military time format, you need not remember the AM and PM because it uses a special 4-digits time format known as 24 hours.

For example, suppose you want to know how 1700 hours military time interpret in regular time. Then using below Military Time Chart you can easily know the exact regular time i.e. 1700 hours= 5:00 PM

While converting military time to standard time, you have to remember AM and PM prefix. One can easily convert the 24 hour time into 12 hour time. But keep in mind certain things while converting military to regular time given as below.

When military time is greater than 1200 then you need to use XX: XX format of standard time and subtract it from 1200.

For example, if you have 1725 military time, simply subtract 1200 (1725-1200) from it that results in 5:25 and add PM at the end. So, our standard time for 1725 hours the military time is 5:25 PM.

5 PM Military Time

Just like military time to standard time, one can easily convert standard time in a military time without many efforts. If your regular time is less than 12:00 PM or in AM then simply remove colons and PM. So, your army time will be 1200.

But if standard time is in PM then add 12 to the given time and remove colon and PM. For example, if your 05.45 PM then your Zulu time is 1745. As the military time is very easy to understand and one can easily convert it to standard time.

1700 Military Time Conversion

Check out the below table for the conversion of military time to 12 hours.

12 Hour Clock Format (AM/PM) Zulu Time
12:00 AM 0000
1:00 AM 0100
2:00 AM 0200
3:00 AM 0300
4:00 AM 0400
5:00 AM 0500
6:00 AM 0600
7:00 AM 0700
8:00 AM 0800
9:00 AM 0900
10:00 AM 1000
11:00 AM 1100
12:00 PM 1200
1:00 PM 1300
2:00 PM 1400
3:00 PM 1500
4:00 PM 1600
5:00 PM 1700

What is 1700 in Military Time?

So many brands of wrist use and provide a 24-hours clock. But the pronunciation for military time is different. According to the military, 5 PM expressed as 1700 military hours and pronounced as seventeen hundred. While pronounce it may sound as if you are talking about money. So, in military time 0000 known as Zero Zero Zero Zero or Oh oh oh oh. Are you still confuse? If yes, then let’s take some more examples of How to read Military time?

  • If your standard time is 10:10 PM then your army time 2210 and pronunciation of this is Twenty Two One Zero.
  • 05:15 PM = 1715 hours and it should be pronounced as Seventeen One Five
  • 04:00 AM= 0400 military hours = Oh Four Hundred
5:00 PM 1700 hours Seventeen Hundred Hours
5:15 PM 1715 hours Seventeen Fifteen Hours
5:30 PM 1730 hours Seventeen Thirty Hours
5:45 PM 1745 hours Seventeen Forty-Five Hours

One can easily convert military time to standard time or vice versa using a simple mathematical formula. But if you don’t use the manual method for military time conversion then you may use any military time converter tool available online. If you are a fan of Navy then an interesting incident goes viral on the internet named a Navy Seals Copy Pasta. This video is viral on YouTube with the maximum number of followers.

Purpose of Military Time

The main purpose of Military Time is to avoid the confusion between AM (morning hours) and PM (evening hours). So, in military time no need to write AM and PM prefix because it follows 24-hours time format. During the war, soldiers use this time to avoid confusion between AM and PM. For example, sometimes we set alarm for 7:00 PM instead of 7:00 AM and this might cause a huge loss in work or interview.

But with Zulu time, we have no confusion because numbers never repeat. For instance, 0500 hours can only mean 5:00 in the morning and 1700 military time hours mean 5:00 in the evening.

1700 Military TimeComparison of Military Time with Regular Time

Comparing army time with 12-hour clock, the first 12 hours are reaming the same but written and pronounced differently. For example, 11:00 AM written as 1100 and pronounce as Eleven Hundred Hours or One One Zero zero. By this, you came to that, military time does not use a colon to separate the minutes and hours.

In Zulu time, the first two numbers tell you the hour while the last two digits tell you minutes. So, if your standard time is 11:45 AM then your 24 hour time for the military is 1145 and pronounce as Eleven Forty-Five or Eleven Forty-Five Hours. Military time always uses four digits; so, if a time contains 3 digits then the remaining field fills with zeros.

For example, 8:00 AM written as 0800, not just 800 or 8. This is for morning hours but what about evening hour. There is major change while comparing morning hours with evening hours. In 12-hour clock time, we would say the hour after midday is 1:00 PM that refers to 1300 or thirteen hundred. For example, 5:33 PM will be stated as 1733 and pronounce as Seventeen Hundred thirty-Three hours.

So hope you will know what 1700 Military Time is and how to convert it into 12-hour time using Military Time Clock and Conversion methods. Using the above given Military Time Chart you can easily convert 5:00 PM to Zulu Time and 24 hours to Standard Time.

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