1800 Military Time – Guidelines to Convert 6 PM in Zulu Time

Do you know what 1800 military time is? You heard this jargon while talking with a military or army person. When you heard this word, you may stop him and ask him about the regular time. Military men use this type of timing for their secret mission.

When you watch any Hollywood movie based on the military, you might be heard this kind of jargon which is difficult to predict and decode for you. The military system follows 24 hours clock time format, which is different from our timing. In this system, timings begin from 0000 hours and end with 2400 hours. So, if you have 1800 in Military Time then it means it is 6 PM in standard time.

By reading this, you may think about how to decode or calculate this time. So, do not worry by doing normal calculations one can easily convert military time to regular time.

If you want to convert any military time to 12- hour time, then using very easy methods of military time conversion you can easily convert it without wasting your too much.

What is 1800 Military Time?

We know the military follows 24 hours time format. So, to convert military time to regular time you should know certain things. For conversion, you need to know simple addition and subtraction formulas. Not only this but in this system, you do not use PM and AM prefix. The main and very important thing is that this time starts at 0 and ends at 23 while regular time starts at 0 and ends at 12.

While talking about military time with a military person, one question always comes in mind that is how to pronounce this time. So, you can read or pronounce this time just like regular time. You can pronounce minutes and seconds in the army time as the standard time. At the time of converting 24-hours time to 12-hours time, minutes and second will be remaining the same. But the main difference is in this time you do not use AM and PM prefix like regular time.

Military time uses a special 4 digits time format that is famous as 24 hours. For example, if you want to read time 1800 military time then you can simply read as Eighteen Hundred or One Eight Zero Zero. So, by reading this you know this is very easy to read but how to convert 1800 hours military time to standard time. Therefore, here we give some easy methods by which you can convert regular and military time vice-versa.

6 PM Military Time

Conversion of 1800 Hrs Military Time

To convert 1800 army time to regular time you have to remember below rule.

  • If Zulu time is greater than 1200 hours then your regular time is in PM.
  • If military time is less than 1200 hours then your standard time is in AM.

By understanding this rule, anyone converts military time to his or her regular time. When given military time is greater than 1200 hours then use regular time format XX: XX format and subtract 1200 from the given time.

For example, suppose you want to know what is 1800 hours military time then based on the above rules perform 1800-1200 which results in 600. After that, add a colon between hours and minutes and PM after time. So, our regular time is 6:00 PM.

You can also convert 1800 Military time using military time converter table. Below we give military time converter 1800 chart by which you can convert the time without so many efforts.

1400 To 1800 Military Time Table

Military Time 24-hour Time Regular Time
1400 hours 14:00 2:00 PM
1500 hours 15:00 3:00 PM
1600 hours 16:00 4:00 PM
1700 hours 17:00 5:00 PM
1800 hours 18:00 6:00 PM

By observing the above table of 1800 military time, one can easily convert 24 hour time to 12 hour time without any calculation. Using our military time converter 1800 you can also convert time vice versa. As we discussed while converting regular time to military time you need not remember AM and PM but contrary when you perform a conversion, you must remember the AM and PM prefix.

Conversion of 1800 Military Time to 6 PM

Using a military time chart and converter, you can easily convert the 24 hour time to regular time vice Versa. But if you do have the time chart and converter then how you convert time?

Don’t worry without a table or converter, one can convert military time to standard time by doing simple addition and subtraction. So, let’s take an example by which you can easily convert 24-hour time to 12-hour time.


If you have 1830 military time and you want to convert it to regular time then you have to follow the below process.

  • First, you have to check that your given time is greater than 1200 or not. If it is greater than 1200 then your regular time is in PM and subtract 1200 from a given time.
  • In our case, it is greater than 1200. So, do 1830-1200.
  • After subtracting 1200 from a given time, you will get 630.
  • Add colon and PM in your result.
  • Finally, your regular time is 6:30 PM.

By following the above steps, you can convert military time to standard time without so much effort. But sometimes you heard the 1800S in a conversation of a military person. So, what is it? As we know military people use special military time phonetic alphabets in their time when they are on any special mission. So, if you want to know the phonetic alphabet for 1800 military time, then using the below table you can easily know.

Army Time  Alphabets Military Phonetic Alphabet City or Country 12-Hrs Standard Format Army Times Time
S Sierra Dallas, TX United States 06:00 PM 1800S GMT-6 Hours
T Tango Denver, CO US 05:00 PM 1700T GMT-7 Hours
U Uniform Los Angeles, CA the US 04:00 PM 1600U GMT-8 Hours
V Victor Juneau, AK US 03:00 PM 1500V GMT-9 Hours
W Whiskey Honolulu, HI US 02:00 PM 1400W GMT-10 Hours
X X-Ray Nome, AK US 01:00 PM 1300X GMT-11 Hours

Up to this, you know what does 1800 in military time means and how to convert in regular time. But what if you have a regular time and you want to know the military time? Don’t worry just like converting 24-hour time to 12-hour time, you can easily convert regular time to military time.

What is 6 PM Military Time?

We know there is no use of AM and PM in the military. So, your question what is 6 PM military time or 6:40 pm military time or 6:30 pm military time is incorrect. Instead of this ask questions like what is 6:00 pm in military time? This type of mistake is possible when you do not know about military time.

Like converting standard time to military time, this time conversion is also very easy. In this, if given standard time is in PM then add 12 to it. After performing addition separate hours, minutes using a colon, and remove PM. Let’s take an example and follow the process of conversion.

1800 Military Time


If someone asks what is 6:30 pm in military time? Then to convert it into the military time you should follow the below process.

  • Check your given time is in PM or not.
  • In our case, it is in PM. So, add 12 to the given time.
  • 6:30 +12 = 18:30 PM
  • Now remove colon and PM.
  • So, our military time is 1830 hours.

How to Read 6:00 PM in Military Time?

Based on the above example you know how to convert regular time to Zulu time. We know military time follows 4 digits time format and in this time there is no use of colon and AM or PM. So, while you writing 24-hours clock time then do not use a colon and AM PM.

For example, if your standard time is 6:00 PM then your military time is 1800 (1200+ 0600) hours. But if your regular time is in AM like 2:00 AM then your military time is 0200 hours. So, writing army time is very easy, but some of us are a little bit confuse while pronouncing or reading this time. Therefore, below give a table by which you can easily read your military time.

Regular (12-hours) Time Military Time Pronunciation
6:00 PM 1800 hours Eighteen Hundred Hours
6:15 PM 1815 hours Eighteen Fifteen Hours
6:30 PM 1830 hours Eighteen Thirty Hours
6:45 PM 1845 hours Eighteen Forty-Five Hours

So many wristwatch brands use and provide 24-hours time. But military clock time and its pronunciation are different than regular time. As per military, 6 PM known as 1800 military hours that pronounced as Eighteen Hundred. While pronouncing this it looks as if you are talking about money. But in the military, you should pronounce this as Eighteen Hundred hours or Eighteen Zero Zero or One Eight Zero Zero.


  • What is 6 PM in Military Clock?

1800 hours is military time for 6 PM regular time.

  • What is 6:45 PM in Military Time? 

1845 hours is 6:45 PM in Military Time.

  • How to convert 1830 hours in regular time?

To convert 1830 in regular time, check your hours is greater than 1200 or not. If it is greater than then subtract it from 1200 (1830-1200= 630). So, 1830 hours = 6:30 PM

  • What is the regular time for 2025 military time?

8:25 PM is a regular time for 2025 military time.

  • What is 1700 military time?

1700 military time is equal to 5 PM in regular time.

By reading this blog, you know what does 1800 hours mean in military time and how to convert it in regular time. If you want to convert your military time to regular time then you can use our military time converter. This time format not only for the military but by using this time one can improve their productivity without missing any important task. So, one can make the practice to use this time format in their daily life.

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