What is 1900 Military Time? Steps to Convert 7 PM to Army Time

Trying to decode what is 1900 military time? Yes, then we are here to help you. You heard this kind of timings when you chat with military personnel. If you heard it this first time then you might be confused and try to convert it. But for that, you have knowledge about military time format & how to decode this time.

You heard this time in Hollywood movies when two military men talk about their secret mission. After hearing this kind of jargon, some of us may try to solve this, but due to a lack of knowledge about military time they cannot decode it successfully. So, now by reading this blog you can easily decode any military time and know your regular time.

1900 Hours Military Time

1900 military time

Military time follows the 24-hour time format in which day starts from 0000 and ends at 2400 hours, which is very different from standard time. Just like regular time, we cannot use AM and PM with this time because this time uses a special 4 digits format. So, if you have 1900 in military time then it is 7 PM in standard time. By reading this, you may think about how to decode this time. So, do not worry by performing normal mathematical calculations you can convert it into regular time.

To convert 1900 military time to standard time, you have to know additions and subtraction. But while converting regular time to military time make sure you do not use PM and AM postfix and colon. Apart from this, you also know the time difference between military and regular time. As you know Army time follows 0 to 23 hours format while standard time follows 0 to 12 hours time format. So, after this start converting time using below rules.

Convert 1900 Army Time to Regular Time

To convert 1900 military time to standard time, you know below simple rules.

  • If Military Time > 1200 hours, then your regular time is in PM.
  • If Zulu time < 1200 hours then your 12-hour time is in AM.

Before start conversion, understand both the rules. If you go through these rules very well then you can easily convert your military time to regular time. If a given military time is greater than 1200 then your regular time is in PM and use XX: XX format. In this case, you should subtract 1200 from a given time.

For example, suppose you want to know the regular time for 1900 military time, then as per the rule do 1900-1200 which gives you 700 hours. You know regular time follow XX: XX. So, add colon and PM in 700. Finally, you will get your regular time for 1900 in military time that is 07:00 PM.

To convert military time to standard time you can also refer below table and our military time converter. Using this table, you can easily know your time without any calculations.

Standard Time 24-Hour Time Military Time
3:00 PM 15:00 1500 hours
4:00 PM 16:00 1600 hours
5:00 PM 17:00 1700 hours
6:00 PM 18:00 1800 hours
7:00 PM 19:00 1900 hours
8:00 PM 20:00 2000 hours
9:00 PM 21:00 2100 hours
10:00 PM 22:00 2200 hours
11:00 PM 23:00 2300 hours

After going through this table, it is very easy to convert 24 hour time to standard time and 12-hour time to army time. When there is 12:00 in our regular time clock then 0000 is midnight in military time. So, when someone asks what time is 1900? Then your answer should be 1900 military time is equal to 7:00 PM in standard time that is pronounced as Nineteen Hundred Hours.

For those who are interested in simple math formula then here we give the formula, which helps you out to convert 1900 military time to normal 12-hour time.

Decode 1900 in Military Time Using Mathematical Formula

Using military time chart and military clock converter one can easily convert the military time to standard time. But if you are good at math then you should try this formula by which you can easily convert time.

Without an army time chart and converter, one can convert military time to regular time by doing simple addition and subtraction. But for that, you have to follow some simple steps.

  • First, separate the given time in minutes and hours using a colon.
  • Then check your army time is greater or equal than 12:00 hours than subtract 12: 00 from given 24 hours time.

To understand this let us take an example by which you can get an idea about how to convert 1900 military time to 7:00 PM regular time.

7 PM in Military Time


If you have 1945 military time and want to convert it to standard time then follow the below steps.

  • First, separate the given time in minutes and hours using a colon. So, for 1945 army time it is 19 hours and 45 minutes.
  • Now check your given time is greater or equal to 1200. In our case, 1945 is greater than 1200.
  • So, do subtraction of 1945-1200 or 19-12 that gives 745 or 7.
  • Finally, add PM in your result time. That’s why our standard time is 7:45 PM for 1945 in military time.

You may find this calculation very easy. But sometime you may hear 1900R, which may be difficult for you to decode. A military guy uses some alphabets after military time for their secret mission. These alphabets are famous as phonetic alphabets that indicate a city or country. Using the below table you can get an idea about what 1900R indicates.

This type of jargon used at the time of war. As per different countries time zone, there were many military charts available in the time of war. This time chart normally used by solider or army men at the time of their secret mission. Except for a military or army man a normal layman difficult to predict this time. But using the below table you can easily predict what is 1900R and which country or city name use this time format.

Military Alphabets Phonetic Alphabets City or Country Standard Time Military time with Phonetic Alphabet Time Zone
N November Azores 11:00 PM 2300N GMT- 1 hour
O Oscar Godthab, Greenland 10:00 PM 2200O GMT- 2 hours
P Papa Buenos Aires, Argentina 09:00 PM 2100P GMT- 3 hours
Q Quebec Halifax, Nova Scotia 08:00 PM 2000Q GMT-4 Hours
R Romeo New York, NY, US 07:00 PM 1900R GMT-5 Hours
S Sierra Dallas, TX United States 06:00 PM 1800S GMT-6 Hours

Till now you came to know how to convert 1900 military time to regular time. But when you have standard time and you want to know what is its military time then you may confuse. Just like using a simple formula for army time to regular time conversion, you can easily convert standard time to Zulu time.

What is 7 PM Military Time?

We know military time does not follow the AM and PM format. So, this question is incorrect. Instead of this, you may ask what is 7 PM in Military Time? Or What is military time for 7 PM? This kind of mistake often possible when you do not know so much about military time.

When you convert military time to standard you perform subtraction, but while performing the reverse process, you do addition. So, if your standard time is in PM and convert it into army time then you add 12 to the given time. After adding 12, remove colon from your result and you will get your military time.

For example, If you want to know what is 7:30 PM in Military Time? To convert this time to military time you can use Army time converter and military time conversion chart. But if you want to use mathematical formula then you should follow the below steps.

  • In our example given time is in PM. So, add 12 to the given time.
  • 7:30+12 = 19:30 PM
  • Now remove colon and PM, which gives your 1930 hours.

Now you can easily convert military time to standard time and standard time to 24-hours time. But do you know how pronounce this time? If no then using a below table you can easily read 1900 military or 7 pm military, by which you can easily read any military time.

12 hour time Zulu Time Pronunciation
7:00 PM 1900 hours Nineteen Hundred Hours
7:15 PM 1915 hours Nineteen Fifteen Hours
7:30 PM 1930 hours Nineteen Thirty Hours
7:45 PM 1945 hours Nineteen Forty-Five Hours

From this blog, you know 1900 Military time and how to convert it to regular time. 24- hours time format is not only for military or army person, but you can also use this time to improve your performance. So, try to make a habit of using 24 hour time in your daily life for flawless synchronization.

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