2100 Military Time: Here’s How to Convert 9PM to Army Time!

Curious to know about what 2100 military time indicates in standard time? If you are looking for a quick answer then 21 military time = 9 PM in standard time. Apart from this, if you are interested to know the complete procedure to convert military time to standard time and standard time to Army time then read our article.

In this article, you will find using simple mathematical calculations you can easily learn military time conversion for 2100 hours military time.

What is 2100 Military Time?

Converting military time to standard time is the easiest method if you know the military time concept. Not only this, but you have to know how to differentiate the day in the time before noon and afternoon. When your time is in AM then one can easily convert it to military time. But after o12:00 PM it becomes more difficult to convert the time into military time.

Military or army personnel generally use 24 hours time format when they talk about their secret mission. This kind of jargon used by the military during the time of war in the USA. In the military, the day starts from 0000 hours end ends at 2400 hours that is differed from our timings. Unlike 12 hour time, we cannot use AM and PM notations to differentiate the morning and evening hours.

2100 Military Time

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Converting 21 military time to standard time is very easy and simple. One can convert any military time to standard time using three ways. One very easy way is by using a  military time converter. In this, you can simply enter the military time that you want to convert in standard time. Using one-click, one can easily convert any 24-hour time to standard time.

21 Hours Military Time Conversion

Convert 2100 military time to Zulu time using military time chart is very simple. Anyone can use this chart and know their regular time for 24-hour time and military time for 12-hour time. Below we give you a table by which you can easily know what is 21 military time?

24 Hour Time 12 Hour Time(AM/PM) Military Time
17:00 5:00 PM 1700
18:00 6:00 PM 1800
19:00 7:00 PM 1900
20:00 8:00 PM 2000
21:00 9:00 PM 2100

Using this time chart one can easily get the standard time for 21 hundred military times. Above mention, both methods are very easy, but if you want to convert 2100 hours military time to standard time manually then you should perform the simple mathematical calculations.

To convert 21 military time into standard time, you thoroughly understand two concepts and that is:

  • If military time greater than 1200 then your regular time is in PM.
  • When your Zulu time is less than 1200 military hours then your standard time is in AM.

The above-given rules are very helpful while calculating both times manually. As per first rule, if your given military time is greater than 1200 then your estimated standard time is in PM. But to get the standard time you have to perform subtraction and subtract 1200 from the given time. After doing this add colon between hour and minutes to differentiate them. Finally, add PM at the end of the time. So, your standard time is in XX: XX format.

To understand this, let us take an example by which you can get a clear idea about it.


What is standard time for 21 hundred military times? To get the standard time to let’s do conversion step-wise.

  • First, check your time is greater than 1200 hours or not.
  • In our case, it is greater than 1200.
  • 2100-1200 = 900
  • Now add a colon between hours and minutes. 900+:= 9:00
  • Then add PM after time. 9:00 + PM= 9:00 PM
  • So, our standard time for 2100 military time is 9:00 PM

Thus you can easily convert any military time to regular time by doing mathematical calculations if it is greater than 1200 hours. But if your given military time is less than 1200 then you can easily convert it 12-hour time without calculation. For that, you can only add a colon and AM notation after time. For example, 900 military time = 9:00 AM.

So, you can easily convert any army time to standard time without any trouble. You can also refer our article 1600 military time for further reference. If you want to do perform the reverse process for conversion then you perform reverse calculation also.

What is 9 PM Military Time?

If you know what is military time then you don’t ask this question. Because military time does not use PM and AM to differentiate the morning, evening and noon hours. So, what is 9 PM military time? is the wrong question. Instead of this, you can ask a question like, what’s 9 PM in Military time? This type of question possibly asks by a beginner who does not much about military time.

9PM Military Time

Just like converting military time to standard time, this conversion is also very easy. For that, you have to keep in mind two rules like above.

  • If standard time is in AM then remove a colon and AM.
  • If regular time is in PM then add 12 to a given time and remove colon and PM.

Let’s have to understand both by taking an example. Convert 9:00 AM to military time.

  • Our given time is in AM. So, simply remove a colon and AM. So, you will get 0900 hours in military time for 9:00 AM.
  • What is the Military time for 9 PM?
  • In this example our time is in PM. So, add 12 to given time.
  • 9:00 PM + 12 = 21:00 PM
  • Remove PM. 21:00 PM – PM = 21:00
  • Then 21:00 -:= 2100
  • So, 9:00 PM standard time = 2100 hour in military time.

So, you can easily convert both times by doing addition and subtraction. But while any Hollywood movie or talking with any military guy, you may hear alpha, bravo, and many jargons. By hearing this, you may think about what this jargon indicates. Military personnel various alphabets city or country wise when they are on a special mission. Every alphabet represents a city or country and a phonetic alphabet. Below we give a table for 2100P Military time chart with their standard time.

Alphabet Military Phonetic Alphabet Country or City Standard Time Military time with alphabet Time
N November Azores 11:00 PM 2300N GMT- 1 hours
O Oscar Godthab, Greenland 10:00 PM 2200O GMT- 2 hours
P Papa Buenos Aires, Argentina 09:00 PM 2100P GMT-3 hours
Q Quebec Halifax, Nova Scotia 08:00 PM 2000Q GMT-4 Hours

How to Read 2100 Military Time?

Reading 2100 military time is very easy. We know the military follows 4 digits time and this time starts from 0000 and ends at 2400. In this, 0 read as Zero or Oh. So, 2100 should be pronounced as Twenty One Hundred look like talking about the money. To differentiate the pronunciation add hour behind it. For example, 1100 should be read like Eleven Hundred Hour.

Below we give a table by which you can read 2100 in military time with minutes.

Standard Time Military Time Pronunciation
9:00 PM 2100 hours Twenty One Hundred Hours
9:15 PM 2115 hours Twenty-One Fifteen Hours
9:30 PM 2130 hours Twenty-One Thirty Hours
9:45 PM 2145 hours Twenty-One Forty-Five Hours

Today many wristwatch companies follow and use 24-hour time format. But there is a vast difference between 24-hour time and military time. Using military time one improves your productivity. Many healthcare industry, fuel industry, automotive industry, and stock market industry use this time system for flawless synchronization, accuracy, and best performance.

I hope you now got an idea regarding how 2100 military time relates to 9 PM Standard time. This time is not only for military or army personnel, but you can also use this time in your daily life. So, start using this time and make your life flawless and manageable. If you are looking for similar types of articles then you may also like 1900 military time articles.

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