Army Time Chart Converter with Military Alphabet

Are you still wondering for Army Time and still don’t get appropriate details about it? If yes then, of course, you are on the right webpage. By reading this page, you will get the complete details about the Military times and how to read this time with proper pronunciation.

Moreover, you will also get complete details about the Military Time Chart and how it differs from routine time. Just like military time, Army Time also uses a 24-hour time format. The main purpose of this time format is to alert the army men and soldiers about their secret missions. There were so many military time charts available in the times of war. Excluding army men, navy men, and soldiers, this time is difficult to predict by a layman.

Army Time

By using some easy steps and few efforts one will simply scan and pronounce the 24-hour Military time. However, if you don’t understand the methods then here we have a tendency to describe all these methods by that you’ll simply understand the military time. So, let’s have a glance at the entire article.

Origin of Army Time

As we discussed above this time format follows 24-hours clock time, and it was incepted first in Egypt. Generally, scientists, navigators, astronomers, and other communities use this 24 hours military clock time from the past. But Italy used this time format from the very first time by using a mechanical clock.

Later on in 1884, Lewis proposed this time format for the people to understand how earth orbits around the sun. So, using this format one can easily identify the difference between day and night. That’s why soldiers in the army or military have been started using this Army clock time at the time of war to avoid confusion in timings.

After the modifications and advancement in technology, people use 12 hours of time instead of 24 hours. Some noted countries like Malaysia, the US, India, UK, Canada, Pakistan, Egypt, New Zealand, Philippines, Saudi Arabia, Australia, Columbia, and other countries use Army Time Format for military, hospital, fire and other emergency services.

After that in 1941, the USA started using the Joint Army or Navy Radiotelephony Alphabet to standardize the systems. Only for this reason, the idea of the Army times came in the world. Not only for the army and military person, but we can also use this timing in our daily life to make our life more productive and secure.

So, want to make your life more productive?  then you should know the concept of the Army Time Chart and how to use it.

Army Time Chart  & Military Time to Regular Time Conversion Methods

We all know that the army clock follows the 24-hour time format in which the day runs from midnight to midnight. Army and Navy Time Chart is acceptable by all in the world in which hours counted from 0 to 24.

If you often confused about the concept of AM or PM then this time format is a permanent solution to your confusion. Some of us may find the conversion of Regular time to Military Time and 24 hour time to Standard Time is so difficult. But, this is not the case at all times.

The conversion of both the time is super simple and anyone can do it easily without any expertise. There are 3 methods to convert both the times vice-versa. So, if you want to learn the conversion of Army Time to Standard Time then follow the below methods.Army Time Clock Converter

Methods for Converting 24 Hours Army Time to 12 Hours Regular Time

As we discussed above, in this time format you are free to remember postfix AM and PM and all these methods are super easy. So, one can easily convert it without any mistakes.

Using the Army/Military Time Chart

Regular Clock Format (AM/PM) Military Time Clock
12:00 AM 0000 or 2400 hours
1:00 AM 0100 hours
2:00 AM 0200 hours
3:00 AM 0300 hours
4:00 AM 0400 hours
5:00 AM 0500 hours
6:00 AM 0600 hours
7:00 AM 0700 Hours
8:00 AM 0800 hours
9:00 AM 0900 hours
10:00 AM 1000 hours
11:00 AM 1100 hours
12:00 PM 1200 hours
1:00 PM 1300 Hours
2:00 PM 1400 hours
3:00 PM 1500 hours
4:00 PM 1600 hours
5:00 PM 1700 hours
6:00 PM 1800 hours
7:00 PM 1900 hours
8:00 PM 2000 hours
9:00 PM 2100 hours
10:00 PM 2200 hours
11:00 PM 2300 hours

Manual Conversion of Regular Time to 24-Hours Time

Converting army time to regular time, you need to know the simple mathematical formulas. By using simple mathematics formula, one can easily convert both times vice-versa.

Convert Army (24-Hours) Times to Regular (12-Hours) Time

If given time is greater than 12 then simply subtract the given hours from 12 and add PM postfix after the time.

For Example, If you have 15 Military Time Hours then first you should check whether it is greater than 12 hours or not. In our case, it is greater than 12 then subtract 15-12= 3. After that, add PM after time. So, after doing this your regular time is 3:00 PM.

But this work only if your hour is greater than 12. What if your time is less than 12. When your Military hours is less or equal than 12, simply add AM after the time.

For Example, if you have 5:00 Military time than your regular time is 05:00 AM.

Convert Regular Time to Army Time

If your Standard Time is less or equal than 12 than simply remove AM after time and add 0 before time.

For instance, your regular time is 4:45 AM than your military time is 04:45 Hours.

But what if your regular time is in PM? So, this is also super simple and you can easily convert it. In this just like above remove PM and add 12 hours in your given time.

For instance, 4:30 PM then as per this method remove PM and add 12 in the given time. So, for our time 4:30 + 12 hours= 16:30 hours or 1630 hours

Using 24-hour Military Time clock converter

By using a clock converter one can easily convert timings vice-verse without any table or manual efforts.

Army Time Clock

Army Time Zone Chart with Military Phonetic Alphabet

By observing the Military Time Chart, you came to know it is very easy to understand. But do you know in the military and army, soldiers and army people use some alphabets or some words like Alpha or Bravo while taking about their secret mission?

In this Time Zone Chart of Military, we mention all the data like Military Alphabets, Meaning of the Alphabets, City or country related to this code, 12-hours format, 24-hours format, and Military time.

Army Time  Alphabets Army Phonetic Alphabet City or Country 12-Hrs Standard Format Army Times Time
A Alpha Paris, France 01:00 AM 0100A GMT + 1 hour
B Bravo Athens, Greece 02:00 AM 0200B GMT+ 2 Hours
C Charlie Moscow, Russia 03:00 AM 0300C GMT+ 3 Hours
D Delta Kabul, Afghanistan 04:00 AM 0400D GMT+ 4 Hours
E Echo New Delhi, India 05:00 AM 0500E GMT+ 5 Hours
F Foxtrot Dhaka, Bangladesh 06:00 AM 0600F GMT+ 6 hours
G Golf Bangkok, Thailand 07:00 AM 0700G GMT+ 7 hours
H Hotel Beijing, China 08:00 AM 0800H GMT+ 8 Hours
I India Tokyo, Japan 09:00 AM 0900I GMT+ 9 Hours
J Juliet Local Time Zone GMT + 9 Hours
K Kilo Sydney, Australia 10:00 AM 1000K GMT+ 10 hours
L Lima Honiara, Solomon Islands 11:00 AM 1100L GMT+ 11 Hours
M Mike Wellington, New Zealand 12 pm military time 1200M GMT+ 12 Hours
N November Azores 11:00 PM 2300N GMT- 1 hour
O Oscar Godthab, Greenland 10:00 PM 2200O GMT- 2 hours
P Papa Buenos Aires, Argentina 09:00 PM 2100P GMT-3 hours
Q Quebec Halifax, Nova Scotia 08:00 PM 2000Q GMT-4 Hours
R Romeo New York, NY, US 07:00 PM 1900R GMT-5 Hours
S Sierra Dallas, TX United States 06:00 PM 1800S GMT-6 Hours
T Tango Denver, CO US 05:00 PM 1700T GMT-7 Hours
U Uniform Los Angeles, CA the US 04:00 PM 1600U GMT-8 Hours
V Victor Juneau, AK US 03:00 PM 1500V GMT-9 Hours
W Whiskey Honolulu, HI US 02:00 PM 1400W GMT-10 Hours
X X-Ray Nome, AK US 01:00 PM 1300X GMT-11 Hours
Y Yankee Suva, Fiji 12 am military time


1200Y GMT-12 hours
Z Zulu Greenwich, England 00:00 0000Z GMT

How to Read Army Time with Phonetic Alphabet?

One can easily pronounce and read Army time. It is as simple as converting military time into original Time and Original time into Army Time. In this timing, you should pronounce Zero or 0 as Oh. But not all pronounce like this. They use simple and regular pronunciation for numbers as if we pronounce in our daily life. If you still confused then let’s take some examples, by which you can easily read the army time.

  • 08:00AM = 0800 hours = Oh Eight Hundred Hours
  • 12:00 AM= 12 hours midnight in military time= 0000 hours and pronounce as Zero Zero Zero Zero
  • If Standard Time is 11:09 PM then your Army Time is 2309 and you should pronounce it as Twenty Three Zero Nine
  • If your regular time is 8.25 AM then your Army Time is 0825 and the pronunciation of this is Zero Eight Hundred Twenty Five.

Below we give you a table by which you can easily know pronounce of the military time and its regular time.

Regular Time Military Time Pronunciation
1:00 AM 0100 Zero One hundred Hours
1:15 AM 0115 Zero One Fifteen Hours
1:30 AM 0130 Zero One Thirty Hours
1:45 AM 0145 Zero One Forty Five Hours
2:00 AM 0200 Zero Two Hundred Hours
2:15 AM 0215 Zero Two Fifteen Hours
2:30 AM 0230 Zero Two Thirty Hours
2:45 AM 0245 Zero Two Forty Five Hours
3:00 AM 0300 Zero Three Hundred Hours
2:15 AM 0215 Zero Two Fifteen Hours
2:30 AM 0230 Zero Two Thirty Hours
2:45 AM 0245 Zero Two Forty Five Hours
3:00 AM 0300 Zero Three Hundred Hours
3:15 AM 0315 Zero Three Fifteen Hours
3:30 AM 0330 Zero three Thirty Hours
3:45 AM 0345 Zero Three Forty Five Hours
4:00 AM 0400 Zero Four Hundred Hours
4:15 AM 0415 Zero Four Fifteen Hours
4:30 AM 0430 Zero Four Thirty Hours
4:45 AM 0445 Zero Four Forty Five Hours
5:00 AM 0500 Zero Five Hundred Hours
5:15 AM 0515 Zero Five Fifteen Hours
5:30 AM 0530 Zero Five Thirty Hours
5:45 AM 0545 Zero Five Forty Five Hours
6:00 AM 0600 Zero Six Hundred Hours
6:15 AM 0615 Zero Six Fifteen Hours
6:30 AM 0630 Zero Six Thirty Hours
6:45 AM 0645 Zero Six Forty Five Hours
7:00 AM 0700 Zero Seven Hundred Hours
7:15 AM 0715 Zero Seven Fifteen Hours
7:30 AM 0730 Zero Seven Thirty Hours
7:45 AM 0745 Zero Seven Forty Five Hours
8:00 AM 0800 Zero Eight Hundred Hours
8:15 AM 0815 Zero Eight Fifteen Hours
8:30 AM 0830 Zero Eight Thirty Hours
8:45 AM 0845 Zero Eight Forty Five Hours
9:00 AM 0900 Zero Nine Hundred Hours
9:15 AM 0915 Zero Nine Fifteen Hours
9:30 AM 0930 Zero Nine Thirty Hours
9:45 AM 0945 Zero Nine Forty Five Hours
10:00 AM 1000 Ten Hundred Hours
10:15 AM 1015 Ten Fifteen Hours
10:30 AM 1030 Ten Thirty Hours
10:45 AM 1045 Ten Forty Five Hours
11:00 AM 1100 Eleven Hundred Hours
11:15 AM 1115 Eleven Fifteen Hours
11:30 AM 1130 Eleven Thirty Hours
11:45 AM 1145  Eleven Forty Five Hours
12:00 PM noon 1200 Twelve Hundred Hours
12:15 PM 1215 Twelve Fifteen Hours
12:30 PM 1230 Twelve Thirty Hours
12:45 PM 1245 Twelve Forty Five Hours
1:00 PM 1300 Thirteen Hundred Hours
1:15 PM 1315 Thirteen Fifteen Hours
1:30 PM 1330 Thirteen Thirty Hours
1:45 PM 1345 Thirteen Forty Five Hours
2:00 PM 1400 Fourteen Hundred Hours
2:15 PM 1415 Fourteen Fifteen Hours
2:30 PM 1430 Fourteen Thirty Hours
2:45 PM 1445 Fourteen Forty Five Hours
3:00 PM 1500 Fifteen Hundred Hours
3:15 PM 1515 Fifteen Fifteen Hours
3:30 PM 1530 Fifteen Thirty Hours
3:45 PM 1545 Fifteen Forty Five Hours
4:00 PM 1600 hours Sixteen Hundred Hours
4:15 PM 1615 Sixteen Fifteen Hours
4:30 PM 1630 military time Sixteen Thirty Hours
4:45 PM 1645 Sixteen Forty Five Hours
5:00 PM Military Time 1700 military time Seventeen Hundred Hours
5:15 PM 1715 Seventeen Fifteen Hours
5:30 PM 1730 Seventeen Thirty Hours
5:45 PM 1745 Seventeen Forty Five Hours
6pm military time 1800 hours Eighteen Hundred Hours
6:15 PM 1815 Eighteen Fifteen Hours
6:30 PM 1830 Eighteen Thirty Hours
6:45 PM 1845 Eighteen Forty Five Hours
7 pm military time 1900 hours Nineteen Hundred Hours
7:15 PM 1915 Nineteen Fifteen Hours
7:30 PM 1930 military time Nineteen Thirty Hours
7:45 PM 1945 Nineteen Forty Five Hours
8 pm military time 2000 military time Twenty Hundred Hours
8:15 PM 2015 Twenty Fifteen Hours
8:30 PM 2030 military time Twenty Thirty Hours
8:45 PM 2045 Twenty Forty Five Hours
9 pm military time 2100 hours Twenty One Hundred Hours
9:15 PM 2115 Twenty One Fifteen Hours
9:30 PM 2130 military time Twenty One Thirty Hours
9:45 PM 2145 Twenty One Forty Five Hours
10 pm military time 2200 hours Twenty two Hundred Hours
10:15 PM 2215 Twenty two Fifteen Hours
10:30 PM 2230 military time Twenty two Thirty Hours
10:45 PM 2245 Twenty two Forty Five Hours
11 pm military time 2300 military time  Twenty Three Hundred Hours
11:15 PM 2315  Twenty Three Fifteen Hours
11:30 PM 2330 military time  Twenty Three Thirty Hours
11:45 PM 2345  Twenty Three Forty Five Hours
12 pm military time 2400  Twenty Four Hundred Hours or Zero Zero Zero Zero
12:30 PM 2430 military time Twenty Four Thirty

Industries that Use Army Time Chart Effectively:

So many applications use Army Time and find it very useful. By using this time chart one can easily schedule their important appointment without missing a single one. Many big organizations use this time to get huge success in their business.

  • Stock Market
  • Transportation Industries like a train
  • Fuel Industry
  • Health Care and Hospital
  • Automotive Industry

We hope you will get complete details about Army Time. By reading this blog, you get all the details about Military time and military Time conversion Charts. Not only this but you also come to know about the various method of time conversations and how to pronounce 24 hours time. So, use this time format in your daily life and make your life more secured and scheduled.

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