Military Time Phonetic Alphabet: 24 Hour Time Conversion

Are you looking for a Military Time Chart? If yes then you are on the proper website. From this page, you will get every detail about Military Time and you can easily differentiate the regular time and 24-hour time?

As per the different countries’ time zone, there were many military time charts available in the times of war. This time chart is generally, referred by the soldiers and army men to know about their special missions.

Except for military, army, and navy persons, a normal person finds it difficult to predict this time. However, if you want to read the military time easily and quickly then here we give you simple and easy techniques. So, let us have a look without wasting time.

History of Military Time- 24 Hours Clock Time Format

Before understanding the process of military time and military time Chart, you need to know more about this time format. This time format is 24 hours’ time format that originated from Egyptians. Most of the astronomers, scientists, navigators, and many other communities implemented and used this time format before so many years ago. However, for the very first time, Italy had launched the first and mechanical clock in the earlier days.

military time conversion

In the Mechanical clock, you can easily identify the 24 hours time format with three needles. The main reason behind this is that one can easily understand the time and know-how to utilize time for a plethora of years.

Later in 1884, Lewis M Rutherford introduced the Military Time for the people to understand the way our earth orbits around the sun. So, using 24 hour time format one can easily differentiate between day and night. During the First World War, the soldiers stared using this time format to avoid confusion in the time.

Later on the changes and advancement in the technology, people have started using the 12 hours format not 24 hours format. Some of the very famous countries like the USA, UK, Canada, Columbia, Philippines, Australia, Pakistan, India, New Zealand, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Pakistan, and Malaysia which use Military Time Format for military and emergency services. However, this time format only for military and navy persons. Other people in these countries use 12 hours time format.

However, all the above mention countries are nearby from each other, but surprisingly the military time format varies from each other for both local civilians and military personnel. The main purpose of this time chart is to aware of the soldiers and generals about the secret mission. So, in 1941 the USA started using Joint Army or Navy Radiotelephony Alphabet to standardize the systems to consider the standard for all military time.

Just because of this reason, the army time chart concept came in the world and necessary to exist at the time of set up. This time format is specially designed for the military that’s why it is famous as Military Time. But, there are so many other uses of this time chart for civilians. So, let’s have a look at what is Military time chart and how to use it

Military Time Conversion Chart/Table 

Before understanding the concept of the Zulu time chart, first, you should know about military time. So, Military time is an explicit method of expressing time used by the military, hospitals, emergency services, and many others. This time format is based on the 24 hour clock and keeping hours in which the day runs from midnight to midnight and divided into 24 hours and military or navy person uses a special chart called military time chart. This time is acceptable worldwide and the hours are counted from 0 to 24.

In the Navy Times chart, no need to write AM or PM prefix in the time. By using this time format, you will get so many benefits. First and the very important benefit is that you do not double-check the time. Most of the people suffer this problem at the time of appointments for so many years. Other than this, Army times gives you superb precision that will help you a lot. Below we discuss some of the very important features that will give you so many benefits.

  • Best Performance: By using a military time clock, one can increase their performance than others.
  • Time Accuracy: You don’t worry about the misconception about prefix AM and PM which may ruin your valuable appointments.
  • Flawless Synchronization: We all know that you need to synchronize with people in some jobs like the military. But by using the military times chart you easily resolve all the tough situations.

Military Time Zone Chart with Military Phonetic Alphabet

It is necessary to understand the military time zone. By using the below-given table, you will know some of the military alphabets that might be you heard in some Hollywood movies like, Bravo, Alpha, etc. By using the below table, you know all names with their meanings.

Zone Code Time Zone Name or

Military Phonetic Alphabet

City or Country Time
A Alpha Paris, France GMT + 1 hour
B Bravo Athens, Greece GMT+ 2 Hours
C Charlie Moscow, Russia GMT+ 3 Hours
D Delta Kabul, Afghanistan GMT+ 4 Hours
E Echo New Delhi, India GMT+ 5 Hours
F Foxtrot Dhaka, Bangladesh GMT+ 6 hours
G Golf Bangkok, Thailand GMT+ 7 hours
H Hotel Beijing, China GMT+ 8 Hours
I India Tokyo, Japan GMT+ 9 Hours
J Juliet Local Time Zone GMT + 9 Hours
K Kilo Sydney, Australia GMT+ 10 hours
L Lima Honiara, Solomon Islands GMT+ 11 Hours
M Mike Wellington, New Zealand GMT+ 12 Hours
N November Azores GMT- 1 hours
O Oscar Godthab, Greenland GMT- 2 hours
P Papa Buenos Aires, Argentina GMT-3 hours
Q Quebec Halifax, Nova Scotia GMT-4 Hours
R Romeo New York, NY, US GMT-5 Hours
S Sierra Dallas, TX United States GMT-6 Hours
T Tango Denver, CO US GMT-7 Hours
U Uniform Los Angeles, CA the US GMT-8 Hours
V Victor Juneau, AK US GMT-9 Hours
W Whiskey Honolulu, HI US GMT-10 Hours
X X-Ray Nome, AK US GMT-11 Hours
Y Yankee Suva, Fiji GMT-12 hours
Z Zulu Greenwich, England GMT

Vice Versa Conversation of Military Time to Standard Time

We all know that this time format is 24 hours and without any prefix. If you know the military time and convert it into standard time then by using a simple way you can convert it. You can easily convert 24-hours time into standard time by using three basic methods.

Method 1: Using Military Time Converter

In this method, you should enter Military time in the text box and you will get Standard time. If you want to convert your standard time into military time then you can also use this converter.

Method 2: Using Below Table to Convert 12 Hours Time Format to Military Time

12 Hour Clock Format (AM/PM)

Military Time

12:00 AM

0000 hours

1:00 AM 0100 hours
2:00 AM 0200 hours
3:00 AM 0300  hours
4:00 AM 0400 hours
5:00 AM 0500 hours
6:00 AM 0600 hours
7:00 AM 0700 hours
8:00 AM 0800 hours
9:00 AM 0900 hours
10:00 AM 1000 hours
11:00 AM 1100 hours
12:00 PM Military Time 1200 hours
1:00 PM 1300 hours
2:00 PM 1400 hours
3:00 PM 1500 hours
4:00 PM 1600 hours
5:00 PM Military Time 1700 hours
6:00 PM 1800 hours
7:00 PM 1900 hours
8:00 PM 2000 hours
9:00 PM 2100 hours
10:00 PM 2200 hours
11:00 PM 2300 hours
12:00 Midnight 2400 hours

Method 3: Manually Convert Standard Time to Military Time Vice Versa

This method is very interesting if you are a math lover. Here we give you a method to convert 24-hour time format into 12 hours and 12-hour time into 24 hours military time.

Convert 24-hour time into 12 Hour

For converting to standard time, you should follow the super simple method. You know very well that military time is greater than 12:00. So, just subtract 12 hours to get the Military Time if it is greater than 12. For example, if you have 15.30 hours, then to get standard time to subtract 15.30 hours from 12 and you will get 3.30 PM.

But what if military time is less than or equal 12. In this situation, you just add AM. For example, if 8.45 hours then simple add 8.45 AM.

Convert Standard Time to Military Time

If the 12-hour time is in AM then just simply, remove AM. If your time portion is in single-digit say for example 2.45 AM then simply add 0 before 2 i.e. 02. This is because of the 24-hour time.

But if your time is in PM then you will add 12 hours and remove PM. For example, 2.30 PM then add 2+12= 14 then your military time is 14.30 hours or 1430 hours.military clock

Military Time Clock – 24 Hour Clock Converter

By using the above easy methods of Military Time Conversion, you can easily convert standard time (12-hour time) into Military (24-hour) Time. For instance, consider the 2000 hours. For that, you can use any of the above-mentioned methods and get the 24-hours time. So, let us do it systematically.

  • You should check the given military time is greater than 1200 or not.
  • If it is greater than 1200 then subtract your military time from 1200(2000-1200=800).
  • Now add a colon between the hour and minutes (8:00).
  • So, finally, you will get 8:00 PM time in the evening.

Just like our clock, Military clock display time with 24-hour time format without AM and PM prefix.

Standardized Usage of Military Time Chart

There are many uses of military time chart in today’s modern business. So, let’s have a look at the important uses of the military time chart.

  • Business owners can easily schedule tasks for their employees.
  • Military chart use in Pharmaceutical and chemical companies where product quality is the most.
  • Military time chart used in the transportation industries especially in aviation and train where timing is the most valuable.
  • All flights booked securely and the military time chart going to automatically update and calculate the physical hours for different places.
  • By using the military time chart, one can minimize the accident on rail tracks.

I hope you will get all most all the details about Military Time and how to read military time. By reading this blog, you will get to know there is no prefix like AM and PM in the 24-hours time format like a standard time format. Not only this, but you can easily convert this time into a 12-hour time format without too much effort. This time format is not only used for a military person, but there are so many other applications use this time and get so many hidden benefits. That is why the most successful and professional persons use this time format.

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